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If you are seeking couples’ therapy, one or both of you may be feeling stuck in feelings of loneliness, frustration, anger, apathy, sadness, anxiety or dread.  I practice a model of couples therapy called Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT).  EFT is very helpful for couples who feel stalled in these or other emotions because it does not assume that we can talk our way into a better relationship.  Instead it helps to create experiential shifts in each partner which allows for deep change.


Our closest intimate and romantic relationships are ideally offering a safe haven and a secure base (Mary Ainsworth).  Within this "secure attachment", we feel that we are capable, worthy and lovable and know our partner to be reliable, present and safe.  Just as important as meeting these needs for security, ideally our romantic relationships also meet our needs for excitement and passion, and for joy.  These positive aspects of relationship may seem quite out of reach at the moment, but there is possibility for transformation.


In our work together, you the couple are the client, and it is my goal that you each feel heard and seen.  This is a collaborative process where I meet you where you are at.  We will agree on goals, create a positive alliance and work toward that secure bond.

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