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Sometimes we know what causes us agitation, duress or depression.  Sometimes, we may not know the reasons, but feel a sense that we are alone in our struggles.  This solitude can be devastating.  


Seeking support from those in our lives is important but sometimes we need a different kind of conversation. Therapy is a serious engagement where you and I explore together what is happening for you.  I meet you with curiosity and empathy for what you are feeling.  I seek to understand better, but I let your feelings and thoughts guide us. There may be times when we together get some insight into the roots of your distress, and this is good, but even more important is how we let your feelings have a place and a presence, and how you are not alone in this.

Feeling that you are not alone in something can create shifts and movement. We can put this in a reverse way: in sharing - a movement or shift from where you are - you are not alone.  We connect through this, and this connection is empowering.  It opens up possibilities and new perceptions of your situation.  It gathers together your sense of self, a feeling, an understanding that you matter.  

We exist, and we are not alone in this existence, but share it. 

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